Bucky Carr is the master of put-downs

With his personalized comedy style he will roast whom ever within the tri-state area. Serving CT, NY, MASS and RI with his own comedic style he will lend his talents at private parties, bachelor parties, adult birthday parties, showers and roasts! Even if you're not looking for someone to be a comedian he will assist with party planning. If he is the entertainment itself, or helping to plan it, he's sure to make your party a success!

 With over thirty years of experience in the comedy business, Bucky is sure to do one thing; he'll make you laugh! Whether you're planning a roast for a guest of honor, need help with your own comedy writing, or even if you would like to have Bucky show up at a co-workers place to do a 'comedy gram.' Bucky does it all!

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